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About Group Vereenooghe


We believe in giving our customers the utmost care all the way down to the smallest details. By applying our knowledge and expertise we offer personal services, repairs and more, ensuring the perfect car for you.


Our Services & Commitment


We sell our classics with passion, pride and dedication. We treat our customers with integrity and respect , ensuring that any time you spend with us is 'right first time'.


Our group assures you a top level service. We provide all the know-how you need. Engineering, bodywork, tires and glass: all top quality localized in one place, with a choice of no fewer than nine locations.


We work with absolute original parts. Each piece is fully screened during a check-up. Our technicians had specific Classics trainings. That is why you can have confidence rely on our expertise, our extensive experience and the guarantee of an Authorized Service.


Our History



Our company was founded in the 1930s by Gabriël Vereenooghe. In 1969 we started to sell Mercedes-Benz. It was love at first sight and a total passion which has never left. Up to the present day, we are still a family business, directed by the grandsons of Gabriël, Michel and Alain Vereenooghe.


The Vereenooghe Mercedes-Benz Group represents the Mercedes-Benz brand in the West of Belgium: Roeselare, Tielt, Torhout, Ieper, Oostende, Knokke, Brugge, Jabbeke and Veurne. With 9 locations we’re conveniently located to provide you with expert advice when choosing to purchase a Mercedes-Benz.


For the Flemish part of the country, we are currently the only remaining dealer placing orders in the official Classic Center!

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